DBSS offers different specialization courses for practitioners in the academic and industrial fields.

At the moment nothing is scheduled. Stay posted!

  • Introductory course on Python. Lecturer: Lorence Helwani, HvA-Amsterdam. September 26, 2019. Aviation Academy, HvA – Amsterdam.
  • Discrete event simulation of aviation operations. Lecturer: Miguel Mujica Mota, HvA-Amsterdam. June 20, 2017. Aviation Academy, HvA – Amsterdam
  • Introduction to R. Lecturer: Ann Wellens, UNAM-Mexico. July 4, 2017. Aviation Academy, HvA – Amsterdam

Courses on demand:


Name of the course Course Topics Previous knowledge
Modelling and Simulation of Stochastic Systems using Coloured Petri Nets Fundaments of CPN, CPNtools, modelling structure, exercises Not requiered
Modelling and Simulation of Transport Infrastructures using D.E.S. Fundaments of discrete events systems, methodology, modelling infrastructure performance, exercises Not requiered
Development of robust simulation models using SIMIO and Colored Petri Nets Modelling approach, CPNtools integration with Simio, exercises CPNTools, Simio
Workshop: The Simulation of Collaborative Decision Making in Transport Industries Exercises on real life topics Experience in transport applications
The use of Statistics for Model Validation Model validation, graphical comparisons, hypothesis testing, statistical indices for model validation, model calibration Basic knowledge on statistics
The use of R for Analysis of Models Data structures and variable handling, statistical functions, graphical output, model analysis Basic R programming
How to make Simulation Apps in R using Shiny Installation of shiny app, app construction, input and output functions, reactivity, app personalization, publication Basic R programming

All courses are certified by the DUTCH BENELUX SIMULATION SOCIETY.

Contact: Ann Wellens (wann@unam.mx)