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The International Group on Aviation and Multimodal Transport Research is a network of organizations and experts that have a common interest in transportation. Since 2016 the group is associated to the Dutch Benelux Simulation Society.

Each of the organizations involved brings its bag of expertise in different areas of interest, such as infrastructure development and design, flow analysis and policymaking. This mix makes the Multidisciplinary Group on Transportation and Aviation a relevant and valuable network of resources that covers almost all the different aspects present in transportation.

The Multidisciplinary Group was established mainly by Academic exponents, but it is open also to industry representatives. The objective of the group is to establish a network of expertise for sharing theories and practices about developments and challenges within diverse transportation fields that range from aviation to multimodal transport.

The expertise and areas covered, but not limited to, by the Multidisciplinary Group are:

  • Application of Operations Research techniques
  • Transportation systems development/design
  • Analysis of flows
  • Air traffic
  • Urban mobility
  • Multimodal transport

The objectives of the Multidisciplinary Group on Transportation are:

  • Provide a platform for different expertise
  • Encourage joint research/projects
  • Promote cooperation between the different organizations
  • Fill the gap between academia, industry and government

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