The Dutch Benelux Simulation Society (DBSS) was founded in July 1986 in order to create an organization of simulation professionals within the Dutch language area. In the early years, DBSS actively promoted creation of similar organizations in other language areas, giving origin to EUROSIM.

The Dutch Benelux Simulation Society (DBSS) is a non-profit organization with the objective of promoting the correct application of modeling and simulation techniques. It covers all the areas that use simulation, such as:

  • Transport modes
  • Healthcare
  • Water management
  • Supply chain
  • Economics

The society aims to be a meeting platform for companies and academics with modeling and simulation as a common denominator.

In 2016, we reorganized the society and celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a successful Symposium. Since then, it has been a tradition to organize a yearly symposium in different fields related to simulation. DBSS works in close cooperation with EUROSIM members and is further affiliated with SCS International, IMACS, and the Chinese Association for System Simulation and the Japanese Society for Simulation Technology. It is constantly looking for new collaboration platforms, as for instance with Mexican and Australian simulation professionals.

In 2023, the DBSS will organize the EUROSIM Congress in Amsterdam.