M. Mujica Mota

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Miguel is an expert in OR and his focus is put on simulation and optimization techniques applied in different transport industries.

Vice-Chairman and Treasurer

A.W. Heemink

Delft University of Technology

Arnold is en expert in water modelling using applied mathematics for the simulation of dynamic systems.


P.M. Scala

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Paolo has Bachelor and Master Degree in Industrial Engineering, PhD degree in Applied Mathematics. His research interests lie on the use of optimization and modeling & simulation techniques to solve aviation and logistics related problems.

Industrial Contacts

H.X. Lin

Delft University of Technology

Lin is an expert in environmental modelling and simulation with high performance computing and data analytics.

Data Analytics

A. Wellens

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Ann is an expert in air dispersion modelling and data analysis. At the moment, her focus is on discrete event simulation of flight delay. 


M. Bagamanova

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Margarita is an expert in modelling, simulation and optimization in Logistics and Aviation. Currently she is pursuing her PhD with a focus on application of optimization tools in aviation.