– End of the Year –

This year was an important year for the Dutch Benelux Simulation Society, reborn from its hashes as a phoenix, it has come back in the Benelux and in the European Scenario with news and exciting activities.

As usual at the end of every year, it is a common practice to make a summary of the previous year, here we have the main milestones of the DBSS in this 2016:

  • January 2016: the new board of the DBSS was announced with the intentions of reactivate the society.
  • May 2016: creation of the DBSS new web page dutchbss.org in order to stay updated with all the activities of the DBSS and its partners and to find all the necessary info about the society.
  • September 2016: participation at the EUROSIM Congress 2016 and official recognition of the society within the EUROSIM federation.
  • November 2016: 30th Anniversary Dutch Benelux Simulation Society Symposium was held in Delft with a high amount of followers and a high rate of satisfaction.

Thanks to your precious insights, that it is always a great source of inspiration, and our deep dedication, we are glad to announce new activities for the next year 2017:

  • DBSS Symposium 2017
  • Training courses, master courses, professional courses
  • Scholarship for internship

Other activities will pop up during the year, so keep yourself updated with the next DBSS activities and news visiting the DBSS web page: www.dutchbss.org

If you want become a member or you want to have more information about the DBSS please visit our web page www.dutchbss.org or contact us directly by email (p.m.scala@hva.nl, m.mujica.mota@hva.nl, wann@unam.mx).


Last but not least, the Board of the DBSS wishes you pleasant holidays!