The International Group on Aviation and Multimodal Transport Research is an interdisciplinary group of international high-profile researchers working with organizations that have a common interest in transportation. The group is associated since 2016 with the Dutch Benelux Simulation Society. The distinction of this group with consultants is that we perform strong and solid scientific-based studies and consultancy. The members are not only experts in their knowledge area but also recognized scientists in their specific areas of expertise. The tools, methodologies, and technology that the group develops and put in practice, is at the limit of knowledge, providing an important innovative component to the solutions proposed. All these elements together allow us to perform projects and analyses with a solid scientific base proposing innovative solutions tailored for the client organization.

Working Group participants:

  • Economists
  • Operations Research Specialists
  • Transport Logistics Specialists
  • Aviation Operations Specialists
  • Safety and Security Specialists
  • Planning Specialists
  • Data Scientists
  • Telecommunication specialists