During its 30th Anniversary Symposium on November, 18th, the Dutch Benelux Simulation Society will organize a poster competition on student researches related to the application of simulation in real world problems. The best posters will be presented in the Symposium at TUDelft; a short 3 minute introduction to the audience of the Symposium is considered for each of the participating posters.


Approximate poster size is 1m x 0.75m. Expected content of the posters include:


  • Research title, name and affiliation of the author or authors, including contacting e-mail.
  • An abstract or introduction of approximately 10 lines, explaining the problem addressed or study description
  • The aim of the project
  • Short presentation of the state-of-art and/or theoretical background of the research
  • Short explanation of the used methodology (using, for example, flow diagrams, photos of the real-world system to be simulated, result histograms or graphs,….)
  • Study results or expected study results
  • Conclusions of the study and possible future work
  • References


Considering that a poster should emphasize the visual aspect of a research, it is not recommended to include too large texts. Poster samples and tips from the University of Texas at Austin can be found here.


Examples of researches that can be presented in a poster, are:

  • Simulation of an industrial process to assess its improvement
  • Optimization of service processes through simulation
  • The use of simulation to assess environmental discharges
  • Planning of facilities or processes according to simulation results
  • Discrete simulation for health care management
  • The use or implementation of novel simulation techniques
  • Validation of simulation models
  • Statistical analysis of simulation model results
  • Improvement of an existing simulation algorithm


Participating posters have to reach us in digital format by November 12th ( The participating in the poster competition and 30th Anniversary DBSS Symposium has a cost of 20 Euro (25 Euro for registers after November 12th). Competing posters have to be presented by at least one of the authors.  REGISTRATION FORM



The best three posters will be rewarded with a CERTIFICATION by the DBSS, a membership for one year and a small simulation welcome package.